BTG a.s.

Providing Advanced Technological Solutions for special industry and defence sector

Specializes in industrial automation to streamline production processes and reduce overheads

Over 30 years of experience in production, assembly, inspection, material flow optimization, and logistics

Capable of producing single-purpose machines, as well as complex assembly and inspection lines

About BTG

BTG a.s. is involved in providing modern, effective and functional technological units and complex solutions for the production of the product dedicated for defense, such as special explosives, products for demining, demilitarization, small / middle caliber and others.

It utilizes cooperation within the LPP Holding companies and brings to the client a mix of the best of the accessible technologies and time-proven approaches in this industry field.

The company operates under license issued by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

The well-experienced team of specialist creates the competitive advantage of BTG a.s. and are the guarantee of best results and satisfied customers. As well our long-term experienced team can support the special needs of our customers in the field of products for personal and state defence deliveries.


Technology for production of defence products within the defence industry and the explosive environment. Designing machines for the production of explosive parts such as initiators and detonators or small caliber ammunition and different components.

All activites are governed and are subject to approval of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, by the licence approval process.
The company is approved for trade with the defence products under the licence issued by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

Automation of production

Optimising production processes and reducing costs in special industries

Unique turnkey solutions

Pressing of thermobaric explosive and welding, riveting in explosive environment

Customised solutions

Customised production of special devices according to customer requirements

Explosive environment

Assembly lines, Machines for production of pyrotechnic initiators, explosives pressing, Quality control assurance etc.

Production technology

Complete production lines and machines for small, medium and large calibre

Support and supply

Deliveries of special products for self-defence and to state defence sector